Media Center/Press Center

Cooperation with media is one of the most important aspects of work for PBC Lokomotiv Kuban. Our joint effort is aimed at not only covering team’s life events but also popularizing basketball and sports in general. We are always open for any cooperation with the media and are ready to render any assistance in your work that you may need.


From this season onwards, due to requirements of the tournaments, in which PBC Lokomotiv Kuban participates, press accreditation format has been changed. Permanent passes are abolished, instead one-time accreditation is introduced for each particular match.

Accreditation procedure is extremely simple: one hour before a match and 30 minutes after the start, accreditation desk will be operating at the Basket-Hall staff entrance, where you will be able to receive your one-time pass. Journalist + photographer, or journalist + cameraman are entitled for accreditation from one media source.

This type of accreditation does not require any preliminary phone or mail requests. However, if you are attending Lokomotiv match for the first time this season, you will have to present press card or a letter from your editorial office. Once you provided either of those, you will automatically be registered in club’s active journalistic database, all the following reaccreditations will not require any further proof.

What accreditation is for:

— Accreditation for a match allows you to access necessary working conditions.

— Accreditation allows you entering arena and press box.

Accredited journalist has the right to:

— Use seats in press box, press center and mixed zone, as well as the space around the court necessary for photo and video (shooting area is regulated by the club).

— Request relevant information from the club necessary for creating material

— Participate in post match press conference.

— Interview players and coaches of both teams before the match (to be agreed with the club).

— Communicate with players and coaches after the match in mixed zone, visiting locker rooms in after-match interview (to be agreed with the club).

Accredited journalist must:

— Respect rights and legitimate interests, honor and dignity of the club.

— Verify the authenticity of information received; indicate its sources and authorship of quotations.

— Inform players and staff of the club of any audio and video recordings, filming or photography with their participation.

— Avoid spreading false information discrediting the honor, dignity and reputation of the club.

Club has the right to:

— Refuse accrediting journalist at its own initiative or at the request of a tournament, in which a game is played.

Club must:

— Provide free accreditation and access to the arena.

— Provide access to press box, press center, mixed zone and locker room of the team.

— Provide, on request, relevant up to date information about the club, except the cases, when information is confidential.

— Provide assistance in organising and carrying out interviews with players, coaching staff and club representatives.



Maksim Ryabinin, press officer

Phone: +7 (961) 857-62-63


Olga Shikhovtsova, press officer of Lokobasket tournament, accreditation specialist

Phone: +7 (928) 247-96-87