PBC Lokomotiv Kuban

Its time for Streetball!01.07.2013

“Lokobasket – Street Basketball” tournament has started in Nevinnomyssk. PBC “Lokomotiv” has been organising this championship with the help of the principal sponson “Russian Railways” for seven years now. There are about 25 thousand participants this year.

Время для стритбола

This year “Lokobasket” is paying most of its attention to big cities and capitals of the regions. These are the places where street ball is developing rapidly. The format of the tournament is such that each team is made up of four players (3 playing and 1 in reserve) playing until 15 points. Teams in “Lokobasket” and split into three age categories: 12-13; 14-15; 16-17.

After the start in Nevinnomyssk the tournament will continue in Cherkessk, after which “Locobasket” will travel around a few more Russian cities. The supperfinal will be hosted in Krasnodar. 



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