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"Loko” shows its respect to heath01.07.2013

Players of the junior youth team of “Loko” – Maxim Knyazev, Vlad Savchenko, Akop Anushyan, Sergey Dryaev and Mikhail Egorov, met the members of the “Respect for the health” team from the youth camp ‘Dubrava”, created by the youth office of Krasnodar. On the basketball court located in the middle of a forest glade, players from “Loko” carried out fascinating master class and two matches between mixed teams.

Fresh air, forest chill, morning dew on the grass all this combined with speed and skills of the players gave even more positive emotions to participants of the matches. More than a hundred of students from Krasnodar gathered at the camp to enjoy their summer holidays, have rest and charge themselves with energy for the next year.

«Локо» выразил респект здоровью

Match between the mixed teams. Guys.

Master class traditionally started with the warm-up for both players and cheerleaders of the future teams. While the players were training, perfecting their throws and getting ready for the game, fans were preparing a full on fan show with chants, noisy knocking-sticks and were learning how to shout and support their teams.

«Локо» выразил респект здоровью

Warm-up for the fans.

After the warm-up, guys from ”Loko” carried out two matches. The first one was for boys only, however, in the second match audience had a chance to see fascinating performance of the girls.

«Локо» выразил респект здоровью

Match between the mixed teams. Boys and girls.

All the participants of the master class received memorable presents and souvenirs from basketball club. In return guys from the camp organised a small tour around the forest and introduces “Loco” players to local sightseeing. All the guys from ”Dubrava” became good friends with “Loco” and our basketball players came back overwhelmed with pleasant feelings.

«Локо» выразил респект здоровью

P.S. “Loko” was not leaving for good. There will be another master class organised by the club in “Dubrava” camp on the 13th of July.



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