PBC Lokomotiv Kuban

Master-class in Slavyansk30.07.2013

As there is no training process without the game, there is no game without the training process. Following this postulate and in preparation for the season, Loko’s youth teams went to Slavyansk-on-Kuban to show master class, a seminar for coaches and spectacular game.

Following the tradition, guys started the master class with the warm-up. There is a very important and saturated season coming up, and this viewing-training camp was just the right thing. This sport even helped guys to relax emotionally after the hard work in four micro cycles; they had a chance to let their emotions out during the game episodes in front of the numerous guests.

The first one to play was the “Triumph” team of guys born in year 1998. “Loko1” and “Loko2” showed up on the screen. The basketball event started!


Alexandr Prishepa, the head of the department of the Physical Culture and Sports of the Slavyansky region:

- We have been planning this master class with the “Lokomotiv-Kuban” for a long time, and we finally did it. It is much better to show our young boys how promising and professional guys are playing rather than just telling them about the elements of the game during the trainings.

Double-sided game and competitions certainly stir interest in basketball. We ended up having a small basketball festival. And after this we are brewing the idea of a grand basketball festival.

It is important, that there was a seminar for coaches of the youth team during the event. They teach the young sportsmen to really love the game. It is great that “Lokomotiv-Kuban” contributes significantly to the development of basketball in the region.

July is the holiday time and it was hard to gather many kids, because everyone was on the seaside. However, thanks to the neighbours from Krymsk, Temryuk and Novorissiysk for coming to the event. This proves that the younger generation loves basketball!


The next ones to play are junior “Loko1” and “Loko2” teams of the club. The fans saw the players from different Russian teams. And here came the true sport passion and intrigues.

The team of the Honored Master of Sports, Igor Kudelin, was followed by the team of the Master of Sports EgenySafonov.

The fans saw effervescent attacks and accurate three-point shots, multi-way combinations and spectacular slam-dunks so passionately loved by the fans.


The intensive match came to an end and the winner was identified. But everyone knew that the teams were equal.

The games were followed by the three-point shots competition. With the support of the fans “Loko 1” won: Sergey Tseiko, ArtemIvantsov, RihardNovosadovich. The leaders of the slam-dunks competition were: Roman Grushenko, AlexandrYudin and RuslanAbdulbasirov.

In return for the wonderful game the players were rewarded with the full of fruit baskets from the gardens of the Slavyansk-on-Kuban.

There was a seminar for the coaches. VasilySiver, the sports director of the youth teams of “Lokomotiv’Kuban” shared his experience. He spoke about the aspects of the work on the individual and group defense actions. A number of defense training exercises were shown with the help of the young players.

It is worth mentioning, that there were coaches from several different teams: youth teams and junior teams. Therefore, different methodic and technics were demonstrated.


The coaches: Kudelin I., Safonov E., Kuzminov D. showed master classes in fast break, individual actions of pivot players, attack and defense for the trainers of the guest-teams. A number of the new exercises were shown.

The seminar was held in the form of a talk and exchange of experiences. It was based on the aspect that coaches were interested in. Coaches had a chance to ask as many questions as they wished. All the information was demonstrated with the real situations, which were modeled on the court.

AlexandrSisoev, the chairman of the “Shield and ball” organization, Novorossiysk:

- It is hardly possible to find that many guys 2,10-2,15 m tall on one arena. This means that we have attended a real basketball show, which was organised in order to raise the interest to the most spectacular game in the world. There is one fact we can be hundred percent sure about: master classes like this are a great inspiration for the young generation, which makes them choose this sport.




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